4 Weapons
Residents Kai, Nya
Location Ninjago
Status Extant
World Normal

4 Weapons is the blacksmith shop where the map to the Golden Weapons was concealed in Ignacia, a small town.


Started by a simple blacksmith, he was visited by Sensei Wu and given the map to the Golden Weapons to hide under the 4 Weapons sign. He had two children, Kai and Nya. When the blacksmith died, Kai and Nya inherited the shop. Kai made weapons, samurai weapons, while Nya managed the shop. Wu stopped by again, telling Kai he should make weapons for ninjas. Later that day, the Skeleton armada attacked. The two siblings managed to defeat several, but Nuckal and Kruncha searched and found the map. Nya was captured, and Samukai tried to kill Kai, but was defeated severely by Wu. Wu told Kai to join him. After being rescued, Nya returned and waited for the Ninja to return. They did on dragons, to the cheers of the farm-workers in the area.


A simple shop, it was small. There was a water tower and some plants.


Nya and Kai lived in 4 Weapons.

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