Affiliation Skeleton of Ice
Occupation Skeleton
Weapons Golden Pickaxe, Silver Bone Ax, Silver Battle Mace, Golden Bone Axe, Assorted Weapons
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Bonezai is the cold Skeleton of Ice. He fought in the battle against Pythor, and survived. Sometime after this, he fell down a pit in the Caves Of Despair, and lost his body.


Bonezai over his time became a Spinjitzu Master of Ice.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Bonezai's bones are very cold to the touch, and he can freeze just about anything with his powers. Not much is known about Bonezai, as he is avoided.

Set InformationEdit

Bonezai had his own spinner set with the Golden Pickaxe, Silver Bone Axe, and Battle Mace. Bonezai appeared in Ninja Outpost with Kai, and in Garmadon's Dark Fortress. Bonezai, along with Cole DX, was one of the features of the Ninjago Battle Arena set that contained a spinner for Bonezai and assorted weapons for him to use.

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