Affiliation Ninja of Earth
Occupation Ninja
Weapons Scythe of Quakes, Staff of the Dragons, Ninjago Sword, Silver Sword, Spear Blacksmith's Hammer, Golden Nunchucks, Ninja Bow, Bowie Knifes, Assorted Weapons
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Cole is the Ninja of Earth, the leader of Sense Wu's students.



Cole met Sensei Wu climbing ahead of everyone to reach the Monastery of Spinjitzu. He trained in the earth discipline of Spinjitzu, and his final test with Jay and Zane was to fight Kai. All four trainees passed, and Wu took them to retrieve the Scythe of Quakes from the Caves of Despair. Cole, Jay, and Zane followed a quick-moving Kai to the Scythe. Jay took it, and the Skeleton army outside attacked. After using Spinjitzu to defeat them, the Earth Dragon attacked. Kai subdued it with the Scythe to the ire of Sensei Wu.

Sailing to the Frozen Wasteland, Zane took his Golden Weapon from the Ice Dragon. Then scaling the Floating Ruins, Jay found his, and they fled the Lightning Dragon. In the Forest of Tranquility, Cole played bongos during the night. Afterwards, he was tied up with Jay and Zane, their Golden Weapons taken by Samukai. The ninjas freed themselves, and Cole took out many skeletons, but failed to stop them from reaching the Underworld. He also briefly gave Jay slurred speech. They found Kai and Nya astride the Fire Dragon.

Scared like crazy, Cole reluctantly used his DX suit to fly the Earth Dragon into the Underworld. There, they used the Tornado of Creation to stop the Skeletons outside the Dark Fortress. Entering, they saw Samukai get ripped apart by the Golden Weapons. Lord Garmadon then escaped the Underworld in a portal. Cole flew the Earth Dragon to 4 Weapons.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Strong and calm, Cole is perfect to the be the leader, and always has ideas. Despite this, he has an irrational fear of dragons, with the exception of his own dragon, Rocky.

Cole is a master of Earth Spinjitzu, and is very adept at martial arts. Wearing his DX suit, the Earth Dragon is his to control. He is the leader of the team. He can create short earthquakes by stamping his foot on the ground. After unlocking his true potential, he can hover, has extreme strength and is indestructible.

Set InformationEdit

Cole has his own set, containing a spinner, Golden Stick, Ninjago Sword, and Blacksmith Hammer. He is also featured in the Turbo Shredder set alongside Jay, and features primarily in the Ninja Outpost training set. Cole's DX suit comes only in the Ninjago Battle Arena with his very own golden earth spinner and rock block. The set has an array of assorted weapons for him. Recently, a Cole DX spinner came out, releasing Cole DX to a larger market.


Cole wits Zane's favorite food? this is caitie laauwe.