Floating Ruins
Residents Lightning Dragon (Formerly)
Location Ninjago
Status Exist in Ninjago
World Normal

The Floating Ruins are ruins of an unknown landmark shaped like a huge floating nunchuck.


Master Wu hid the Nunchucks of Lightning at the top of the Floating Ruins guarded by the Lightning Dragon. Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane climbed to the top, and Jay grabbed the Nunchucks. The Skeleton forces were going to capture them, and were climbing up to intercept them. As the Ninjas activated flight devices to fly away, the Skeleton reluctantly had to climb down.


A huge nunchuck floating in the air makes up the landscape. There are ruins floating around it. The Ruins are in the eye of a never-ending thunderstorm, and lightning crackles everywhere. Moldy Cushion Plants that are thousands of years old live under the ruins. Space Lichen thrive on the ruins, and are a combination of algae and fungi. Lightning Buds cover surfaces, and are electrified flowers. There's a mountain named Mount Crumble nearby.


Chewie Goats, huge harry yak-like creatures, cling to the sides of the Ruins and eat anything. Thirteen-foot-long Floating Cougars can float on air, and eat any creature it finds. Dark Condors have a 17-inch-long wingspan, and eat anything that's dead or they can sense will die soon. The Lightning Dragon is very mysterious, and wasn't seen until the Nunchucks were stolen.