Golden Weapons
Picture 20
Status In use
User(s) First Spinjitzu Master (Formerly) , Frackjaw (Formerly) , Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Samukai (Formerly)
Functionality Elemental power, pure raw untapped energy, portal opening, world creating.

The legendary Golden Weapons are the main focal point of the Ninjago story.


First created by the legendary Spinjitzu master, the Golden Weapons were used to create the Ninjago world. When the master died, Sensei Wu fought Lord Garmadon over the weapons. Banishing him to the Underworld, Wu hid each weapon with Dragons around Ninjago. The weapons were guarded by the dragon until the began to be sought by Skeleton forces. First the Scythe of Quakes was taken by ninja, then the Shurikens of Ice from the Frozen Wasteland, and then the Nunchucks of Lightning from atop the Floating Ruins.

After all this, Samukai stole them, and planned to bring them to the Fire Temple where the Sword of Fire was being taken. Wu took it to the Underworld, so the Skeleton followed suit. All the weapons were re-united when Samukai held them aloft. The force ripped him apart, opening a portal that Garmadon used to escape. The ninja took the Golden Weapons back up into Ninjago.


The Golden Weapons all have immense elemental power, and are highly dangerous. Only the first master could use all four together safely. If brought together, they release an enemy burst, or create a portal through space and time. They can be used to create anything.

Set InformationEdit

Appearing in a myriad of sets, only the Sword of Fire is the rarest.