Ninja Character Animations
LEGO Ninjago - Meet Kai

LEGO Ninjago - Meet Kai

Featured Animation Ninja Character Animations
Promoting Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane
Creator Unknown
Released 2011

Ninja Character Animatons are videos promoting the individual four ninja on



Kai's video shows him using Spinjitzu against a Skeleton army before reaching Nuckal.


In Jay's video, the Nunchucks of Lightning are shown on the Floating Ruins. Jay grabs it and uses Spinjitzu on Skeleton climbing the pillar. Nuckal dives in mid-air, and is dispatched by Jay.


The video begins with Skeleton emerging from under the ground surrounding the Scythe of Quakes. Suddenly an Earth tornado forms, battering the Skeleton before Cole, with the Scythe, attacks Nuckal from inside the tornado.


In this video, Zane is shown using the Shurikens of Ice to destroy shattered Skeleton. He rushes by Nuckal in a tornado, sculpting the ice Nuckal was trapped in before slamming Nuckal's ice to fragments.