Ninjago (World)
Ninjago World
Residents Farmers, Ninjas, Sensei Wu
Location Mountainous area in Asia, possibly Japan; a floating planet area
Status Extant
World Normal; LEGO Universe

Ninjago is the world where all the Ninjago story takes place within.


Created using the Golden Weapons by the first Spinjitzu master, Ninjago was a land of peace. When he died, his two sons Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon fought each other, because Garmadon wanted the Golden Weapons for himself. Wu won, banishing Garmadon deep into the Underworld. The Golden Weapons were hidden, guarded by a dragon. Many years later, the map to the weapons was given to Kai's father at 4 Weapons.

Eventually, Skeleton armies surged from the Underworld led by Samukai who was working for Garmadon. Wu trained Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane in the art of Spinjitzu. After rescuing three weapons, a shadow Garmadon lured Kai to the Fire Temple. forcing Kai to use the sword to save Nya, his sister, Garmadon planned to free him from the Underworld right at the Temple. Wu defeated Garmadon, and took the Sword to the Underworld.

Samukai had defeated the other three ninjas, and then was told to instead go to the Underworld. The Ninja took the dragons into the Underworld, and emerged with the Golden Weapons. However, Garmadon had escaped.

History (LEGO Universe)Edit

Picture 14

Ninjago in LEGO Universe

A floating piece of planet somewhere, the Ninjago planet had the same history as above. The one change is that the Skeletons launched a final assault and broke the dojo from the rest of Ninjago. Wu moved the piece, and slammed it into Crux Prime. Though the dojo is a ruin, people still meet Wu to learn Spinjitzu.


There are several mountain ranges and forests in Ninjago, along with pits, valleys, grassland, and lakes. The north is a big lake, and is very cold and icy. There is a desert area, and also a city in the south of Ninjago. Floating in the air are Cloud Corn (corn growing in clouds), Sunny Flowers that are tiny suns with their own gravity, and flying Astro Plants. Ninjago City, the largest city in Ninjago


Many inhabit Ninjago, and they mainly are all simple farmers that have been besieged by the Skeleton forces. In the sky, there are Hot Air Baboons the float on helium within themselves. Light Condors happily take ninja for a rid in the sky.