Picture 25
Affiliation Ninja of Water
Occupation Samurai X , Ninja
Weapons Ninjago Sword, Golden Nick Daggers, Really Big Stick
Status Alive
Location 4 Weapons

Nya is Kai's sister, who was kidnapped by the skeletons.


After their father died, Kai and Nya ran 4 Weapons. One day after a mysterious visitor, Samukai leading the skeleton army arrived. Nya was kidnapped by the Skeleton Army, and placed in the Fire Temple. She hung there until Lord Garmadon forced Kai to remove the Sword of Fire to save Nya. Shadow Kai defeated Kai and Nya, taking the sword. However, a shadow Sensei Wu defeated the shadows. Garmadon aroused the Fire Dragon, who blocked the exit. This caused Wu to take the Golden Sword to the Underworld. Kai and Nya friended the Fire Dragon, and escaped. Nya went to 4 Weapons until her brother returned.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Strong and stubborn, Nya can also be very scared. She cares deeply for her older brother, and Jay seems to have a crush on her. Nya has a unique Spinjitzu power, seemingly based of intuition more than it manifests itself as fire.

Set InformationEdit

Nya appears interred in the Garmadon's Dark Fortress set. Her head is a flip head, one side having a bandana around her mouth. In spring, she was given her own Spinjitzu spinner set.