Skeleton King
Affiliation King of the Underworld
Occupation King of the Underworld
Weapons Skeleton Daggers, Scythe of Quakes, Shurikens of Ice, Nunchucks of Lightning, Sword of Fire
Status Dead
Location N/A

Samukai is the incredibly strong and powerful King of the Underworld.

'' Do you want to go back to the Underworld and tell Garmadon we failed?''


King Samukai was the four-armed and powerful leader of all the skeletons in the underworld. He worked for Lord Garmadon, and is the Lord's primary agent above ground. Samukai was staked with recovering the map to the Golden Weapons, then the weapons themselves. In the attack on 4 Weapons, he tried to kill Kai, but was attacked by Sensei Wu. Samukai got what he wanted, the map and Nya, and the skeletons left. Following the map to where the Scythe of Quakes was at the Caves of Despair. Samukai heard the ninja and led an attack, but the Spinjitzu powers of the ninja drove him away. Telling Garmadon he failed, Samukai was shocked to learn he had done his job.

Following Garmadon's orders, Samukai let the Ninja get the Shuriken and Nunchucks. When the ninja camped in the Forest of Tranquility, Garmadon could draw Wu and Kai away for Samukai and the skeletons to defeat the Ninja and take the weapons to the Fire Temple. He was ordered again to instead go to the Underworld. As they were crossing to the Underworld, Samukai's vehicle was held up by the attacking ninja. He managed to cross over by defeating the ninja and gunning the engines.

In the Underworld, Samukai fought Wu, and used the power of three weapons to defeat him and grab the sword. Samukai refused to give them to Garmadon, but Lord Garmadon was using him the whole time. Samukai was turned into dust, the four weapons opening a portal.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Samukai is very overconfident and sure of his own powers which are unknown, though he is a great fighter and physically stronger and more imposing than other skeletons.

Set InformationEdit

Samukai is present in the Garmadon's Dark Fortress set, with all the the Golden Weapons except the Sword of Fire.