Scythe of Quakes
Picture 24
Status In use
User(s) Master of Spinjitzu (Formerly) , Frackjaw (Formerly) , Cole
Functionality Create earthquakes, use in conjunction with other Golden Weapons.

The Scythe of Quakes is one of the legendary Golden Weapons.


The Scythe of Quakes was created and used by the first Spinjitzu Master to create Ninjago. After his death, Sensei Wu hid it in the Caves of Despair guarded by the Earth Dragon. Many years later, Jay took the Scythe. It was used by Kai to cause the cave to collapse upon the Earth Dragon. After escaping Cole held the Scythe until it was stolen by Samukai in the Forest of Tranquility. The Scythe was taken to the Underworld, and then Samukai reunited the weapons. The power ripped him apart, but created a portal so Lord Garmadon could escape. Cole took the Scythe back up to Ninjago, and it's in his possession. well was...

garmodon stole it in a complacated story.


The Scythe can be used to create quakes, and they are very powerful at that. In conjunction with the other weapons, it can create things.

Set InformationEdit

The Scythe was present in the Ninja Ambush set, placing it in the forest guarded by Kai against Bonezai. It was next in the Turbo Shredder set, held by Frackjaw in his Turbo Shredder. It was also in the Dark Fortress set, held by Samukai.