Sword of Fire
Status In use
User(s) First Master of Spinjitzu (Formerly), Sensei Wu (Formerly), Samukai (Formerly), Kai
Functionality Blast of fire, used in conjunction with other Golden Weapons

The Sword of Fire is the most powerful of the Golden Weapons.


Used by the great first Spinjitzu master, the Sword of Fire was later taken by Sensei Wu and hidden in the Fire Temple guarded by a Fire Dragon. Lord Garmadon led Kai to the temple where Nya was captured. Kai was then forced to use the sword to save his sister. Creating a Shadow Kai, Lord Garmadon took the sword. It was then taken by Sensei Wu to the Underworld. Wu used it to defeat the Skeleton armies, but he could not defeat Samukai with the other Golden Weapons. Samukai united the weapons, but it ripped him apart and created a portal so Garmadon could escape. After that, Kai took the Sword back into Ninjago.


The Sword of Fire is supposedly alive, and only picks great fire masters to truly wield it. (Note that only Wu and Kai used it, not Garmadon or Samukai). The sword can create bursts of fire, and can be used with the other Golden Weapons.

Set InformationEdit

The Sword of Fire has two incarnations. In the winter, it's a golden katana present in Kai's Spinner Set, the Ninjago Battle Arena, and Nuckal's ATV with Kai DX. However, a specially molded version is in the Fire Temple set.