Affiliation Ninja of Ice
Occupation Ninja
Weapons Shurikens of Ice, Spear, Ninjago Sword, Major Spear, Silver Spear, Golden Nunchucks
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Zane is the cool and calm Ninja of Ice.



Zane was holding his breath beneath a polar ice floe, and met Sensei Wu drinking tea beneath it. After training at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Zane, Cole, and Jay had to attack Kai. They skirmished, and then Wu arrived. He told them they were to rescue the Golden Weapons from Skeleton forces. At the Caves of Despair, the Scythe of Quakes was secured. Zane used Ice Spinjitzu to drive off the skeletons, and flee the caves when the Scythe was used on the Earth Dragon. In the Frozen Wasteland, after Zane grabbed the Shurikens of Ice, the Ice Dragon froze him. Zane was carried back onto the boat. Climbing the Floating Ruins, Jay found his weapon, and they flew to the Forest of Tranquility.

In the forest, Zane prompted Wu to dance. However, Zane, Cole, and Jay had their Golden Weapons stolen by Samukai. Samukai took them to the Underworld after a failed attempt by the three ninja to stop them. Meeting the Fire Dragon ridden by Kai and Nya, Zane then flew the Ice Dragon into the Underworld with his new DX suit. There, he aided in creating the Tornado of Creation to decimate the Skeleton forces. He and the others watched the Golden Weapons open a portal for Lord Garmadon to escape the Underworld. Zane flew the Ice Dragon to 4 Weapons. Zane is a robot, or 'Nindroid' as revealed in episode 07, where his past was revealed: he was created by a scientist, and his memory was shut off before his "father" died, explaining why Zane had no memory of his past.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Very calm and calculating, Zane knows his odds and rarely shows emotion. He has a sixth sense, and an awful sense of humor, which might be caused from being a robot. (nindroid in jay's world)

Zane mastersd Ice Spinjitzu, and using the DX suit, he can ride the Dragon of Ice, Shard.  Zane is a calm guy who always follows his instructions. 

Set InformationEdit

Zane has his own spinner with the Shruiken, Spear, and Ninjago Sword. He is also available in the Spinjitzu Dojo along with Sensei Wu. His DX suit is in the Ice Dragon set, and was given his own DX spinner in Spring.


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  • Episode 6:The Snake King
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